The Most Comprehensive Online Training On The Market

The HyaPenPro Online Academy delivers the world’s best training and certification. HyaPenPro online training is internationally recognised and with the HyaPenPro training, advancing not just your career but also your earning potential. We recommend that each hyaluronic acid lip filler treatment is charged at approximately £200 per treatment, enabling you to make a quick return on your investment and drastically increase your revenue.

The combination of our pre-course learning, access to our online HyaPenPro Online Academy and continued support from the HyaPenPro Master Trainers, ensures that you will qualify feeling confident and able to deliver incredible results with HyaPenPro. HyaPenPro offers fast and simple treatments that will result in a lucrative, recurring revenue stream with a rapid return on investment. By completing the HyaPenPro online training, you will have access to the full roadmap of additional and unique treatment options possible with HyaPenPro.


1. The HyaPenPro Technology

This module is all about the innovative, market-leading HyaPenPro technology and how HyaPenPro enables the safe, uniform and precise penetration of hyaluronic acid fillers and pharmaceutical grade sculpting products to instantly augment, contour and enhance lips.

2. What is Hyaluronic Acid?

We cover off everything you need to know about Hyaluronic Acid, such as where it exists in the skin and how it is made naturally by the body. You will learn why Hyaluronic Acid is so essential for youthful and volumised lips and which brands of Hyaluronic Acid filler are most suited to HyaPenPro.

3. The Anatomy of the Skin

When delivering any type of skin or lip treatment, it is essential that you understand the different layers of the skin intimately. We teach you all about the skin layers and how the HyaPenPro technology is a much safer, less invasive and risk-free treatment, compared to traditional lip fillers.

4. The Anatomy of the Lips

Not only to eliminate any potential risk, but also to leave you confident and excited to deliver HyaPenPro treatments, we teach you all about the lip arteries and nerves, and how to work with the specific anatomy of the lips to deliver a client's exact desired result.

5. Delivering Treatments

It may come as no surprise that we have an exact treatment protocol to follow - otherwise, how could we call ourselves world leaders? We teach you the top techniques from our master trainers, so you can deliver the perfect lip roll, a defined cupid's bow and the golden ratio for the lips.

6. Best Practice & Precautions

We want you to leave our training clued up and confident so in this module we run through best practice tips and potential risks to be aware of. We will go through all contraindications for treatment and run through the appropriate pre-treatment and aftercare protocols.

7. Knowledge Check & Assessment

You may be wondering how your knowledge will be assessed. At the end of every module, we have a series of multiple-choice questions for you to answer and before certification is issued we ask you to upload a treatment delivery video for assessment and feedback from our master trainers.

8. Marketing, Sales & Support

To equip you in your practice we will provide you with social media plans, treatment factsheets and aftercare and consultation templates. You will also be welcomed into our HyaPenPro community where you can share knowledge with your peers and ask our master trainers anything.
HyaPenPro – The World’s #1 Hyaluronic Acid Lip Filler Device

HyaPenPro is the world’s leading no-needle lip filler device, which leverages air pressure to deliver uniform and precise hyaluronic acid filler into the skin. HyaPenPro by Louise Walsh International is the #1 choice for beauticians and aestheticians who want to deliver safe, cost-effective, needle-free lip filler treatments to their clients with a device that ensures long-lasting and natural-looking results.

Learning The HyaPenPro Technique

When you purchase the HyaPenPro device and online training package, you will be trained by the very best! Our Master Trainers deliver their in-depth knowledge and expertise to allow you to feel confident from day 1. You will learn how to use the HyaPenPro to augment, contour and volumise the lips. Our online academy delivers a seamless approach, and quick access to additional revenue streams. If you have your own model you can be delivering treatments as a qualified HyaPenPro technician within 48 hours of purchasing your device.

The HyaPenPro training is delivered by our HyaPenPro Master Trainers, via an innovative online training model. Once you have purchased your HyaPenPro lip filler device and online training package, you will be sent a full training guide and access to our online learning platform. To qualify as a HyaPenPro technician a Master Trainer will ask you to submit a video of you completing the treatment on your model, and will offer you invaluable feedback. Once you’ve completed our comprehensive training course you are ready to start increasing your earning potential.

Why Train With HyaPenPro?

As a trusted and internationally recognised brand HyaPenPro delivers not only the best device on the market, but also the very best in no-needle lip filler training. Our online training is the most comprehensive training that is available on the market today. Our Master Trainers cover everything from the revolutionary technology that underpins the HyaPenPro device, to the detailed anatomy of the skin and lips. Train directly with the world’s leading dermal filler manufacturer, and benefit from ongoing support from our dedicated team.

When you purchase the HyaPenPro package from ourselves, you’re not just purchasing the device. You’re purchasing the full premium package. This includes the HyaPenPro device, your first 5 HyaPenPro ampules, access to our online training academy, an internationally recognised certification and all supporting commercial materials. Our HyaPenPro device and training package is a ‘business-in-a-box’, enabling you to add hyaluronic acid lip fillers to your services and start earning a return on your investment straightaway.

What to expect from our training
Want to know all about HyaPenPro? Download our treatment factsheet

Through a leading personal finance partner, we are pleased to offer you friendly finance for up to three years. We also provide lease and rental options to suit your needs. We can even facilitate the required insurance, to enable you to deliver fantastic treatments at an incredible price.

Buy outright

When you purchase your brand new HyaPenPro device with online training, you will do so with your credit or debit card This is ideal if you already have cash flow in your business and would prefer not to spread the cost.

  • Buy outright
  • Use the usual payment gateway
  • No outstanding payments
  • No credit agreement

Buy a HyaPenPro outright from Louise Walsh International. Other payment options may be available. Speak to Louise Walsh International to learn more.


You also have the option to buy the HyaPenPro device and training package through an independent credit supplier. This means you can spread the cost over a period that suits you, in manageable instalments to suit your business.

  • Spread the cost
  • Credit plan to suit you
  • Manageable payments
  • Secure your device and training

Alternatively, you can to purchase your brand new HyaPenPro device and training package outright with a credit or debit card.

Buy the HyaPenPro device and online training today

Clare, Aesthetician

“I did my research and am so glad I bought HyaPenPro – incredible product, fantastic training & amazing results!”

Eloise, Beautician

“Adding this to my treatment list has made a huge difference to my turnover, my clients just love it”


Yes! We offer the most comprehensive training on the market that is complete with knowledge check exams after every module to ensure you feel confident with the course material. We have successfully trained over 20,000 HyaPenPro technicians world-wide and all training is delivered by a Master Trainer.

No. HyaPenPro is virtually pain-free with little or no swelling, bruising, bleeding or social downtime. No anaesthetic is required.

By de-risking and eliminating the negatives of injectable by design, and not working subcutaneously then, in most territories, HyaPenPro is approved for non-medics.

Risks are automatically negated and there are very few contraindications or side-effects. It is impossible to have an allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid.

Our device and technique is designed to create symmetry, augmentation, enhancement, contouring and a natural-looking outcome – not a severe, inflated or artificial look.

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