HyaPenPro is the world’s most innovative, professional and high-quality no-needle device. Our market leading solution is German made, CE Certified and FDA Registered. HyaPenPro is exclusively brought to you by Louise Walsh International – the pioneering global brand behind the worldclass family of Plasma Pen devices.

HyaPenPro gently introduces hyaluronic acid fillers & pharmaceutical grade sculpting and enhancement products without a needle at variable pressure settings and precise 0.01ml actuations. HyaPenPro has been expertly designed for safe, uniform, flawless and pain-free volume enhancement.

Our comprehensive package includes the device, all associated equipment, online masterclass training, official certification, full manufacturer’s warranty and a comprehensive sales, marketing & commercialisation package – truly making it the professionals choice.

HyaPenPro Device & Training


  • HyaPenPro device
  • Full comprehensive online training
  • Luxury, aluminium carry case
  • 5 x disposable ampules
  • 1 ml of filler (subject to territory restrictions)
  • Operating instructions
  • Full 12 month manufacturer warranty
  • Full certification
  • Access to all marketing and commercialisation literature
  • Access to our international, private technician forums and content library
  • Spread the cost in manageable monthly payments using our finance package


After you have checked out with your HyaPenPro device package, our dedicated Customer Success Team will be in touch to confirm your choice of attending one of our face-to-face masterclass training courses, or whether you would prefer to carry out your training online / remotely.

Online training: When you purchase a HyaPenPro with online training, we will ship your new HyaPenPro device to you immediately, along with all the associated equipment and paperwork. You will receive a link to the online course and once you have completed the modules and the assessment, you will receive your official certification.


Our German made HyaPenPro device is our groundbreaking, market-leading no-needle device which enables the safe, uniform and precise penetration of hyaluronic acid fillers into the skin without a needle and is the only ­device of its type that can deliver product at variable pressure settings. The fully-online training that comes with your purchase is recognised as the best in the business and is truly comprehensive. Our device is CE Certified and the only FDA Registered device on the market. Our device blends hard science with intelligent engineering and approved, pharmaceutical grade sculpting and enhancement products to leverage pressure as our delivery mechanism instead of a needle. Our technology allows users to administer hyaluronic acid filler painlessly via high-pressure airflow alone and, in doing so, we create instantaneous lift and enhancement. HyaPenPro requires no anaesthetic. The microscopic hole we create when we introduce nanoscale molecules into the skin is more than twice as small as the hole left by injection needles. Unique to HyaPenPro, the device can deliver 0.01ml of product at a time and do so at multiple variable pressure settings which empowers us with a level of precision and delivery predictability that no needle or other no-needle hyaluronic device ever could.

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  • The worldwide market leading, go-to, no-needle hyaluronic filler device
  • Cost effective, rapid & highly profitable recurring treatments for technicians
  • Very long lasting & natural looking results for clients
  • Designed for symmetry, augmentation, enhancement, contouring & volume
  • 7 variable pressure settings for absolute predictability & precision
  • 0.01ml actuations for unparalleled accuracy
  • Super-even, no-needle of filler via high-pressure atomization alone
  • Rapidly yet gently pushes nanoscale product through microscopic 0.1mm hole
  • Very little to no swelling, pain, bruising or bleeding
  • Virtually zero risks, side-effects, contraindications, social downtime or fuss
  • Safer and vastly more uniform and dynamic than injectables
  • Product settles in days – not weeks – with no wastage by design
  • No more cysts, lumps, bumps or swelling to compromise outcomes
  • Safely targets the dermal layer only with no anaesthetic required
  • CE Certified, stainless steel, German made device with intelligent ergonomics
  • The only FDA registered device on the market
  • The only manufacturer able to provide a valid EU DoC
  • Authorised for use by non-medics in most territories
  • Non-prescribers connected to carefully vetted & approved territory filler partners
  • World class expert training & certification available directly from our online academy
  • On-demand support from the dedicated HyaPenPro Customer Success Team
  • All the value-added products & services LWI is famed for
  • Full manufacturer’s warranty of up to 3 years

Clare, Aesthetician

“I did my research and am so glad I bought HyaPenPro – incredible product, fantastic training & amazing results!”

Eloise, Beautician

“Adding this to my treatment list has made a huge difference to my turnover, my clients just love it”

Tarquin, Clinic Owner

"I now offer HyaPenPro as a quicker, less invasive treatment option. I made my money back in 6 weeks!"

Ayisha, Aesthetician

"I just cannot believe how wonderful this product is and how impressive the results are. It seems too good to be true."
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