HyaPenPro Ampules (Box)


• 5 Sterile Ampules • Volume measurements • Easy to use • Single use only • Lightweight durable plastic • Avoid excess product loss • Rubber steal to avoid leakage • Transparent barrel • Safer than Cannulas and needles • Design for all fillers & meso cocktails • Even product distribution


Our sterile ampules for our HyaPenPro come empty and ready to be filled with Hyaluronic acid fillers and Mesotherapy cocktails such as – Revolax Deep, Inno Aesthetics Fat Dissolve. Once they have been filled, they can be used with the HyaPenPro to insert serums into the skin & lips. Our ampules are 5ml and come in packs of 5 cartridges, this box contains 10 packs, 50 units in total. With volume measurements down one side, it is much easier to administer the correct amount/volume of chosen product safely and effectively without wasting access product. Giving the technician much more control than using traditional needles & cannulas. They are specially design to fit our device for optimal treatment performance & results. Screw ampules directly into the barrel of the device making sure they are securely attached before beginning procedures. HyaPenPro should only be used with official ampules to avoid damaging the device. WARNING – If the incorrect ampules are used during treatments you will not only put yourself in danger but also your clients. Ampules should be correctly disposed of and are designed for single treatment use. Each HyaPenPro treatment requires new sterile ampule to be used to avoid complications and infection.

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