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Why hyaluronic acid lip injections are a thing of the past

It has been twenty years since hyaluronic acid lip injections took the beauty industry by storm, offering a natural way to enhance your pout without the discomfort and drawn out processes required by collagen and fat injections. Why then, is the industry already moving onto something different?

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Types of hyaluronic acid fillers

If your clients are keen to perk up their pout, a filler is the obvious place to start. But how many of us really understand the difference between the injectables, non-injectables, hyaluronic acid fillers or dermal fillers on the market? We’ve got the lowdown on the current range of hyaluronic acid fillers; if you are wondering which option is right for your clients’ lips, look no further.

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Is HyaPenPro safe?

So, you’ve seen the ads promoting hyaluronic acid and the benefits for our skin, but acid – surely not!? We hear you though. Here at HyaPenPro, we’ve delved deep into the science behind the latest beauty trend to find out once and for all: is hyaluronic acid safe? Our hyaluronic acid filler pen is one of the most effective and innovative beauty treatments to have entered the market in recent years, so read on to find out more.

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5 of the best hyaluronic acid products for lips

In recent years, there has been an influx of hyaluronic acid products into the market, from injections to lip glosses. Here at HyaPenPro, we’re experts in the field of hyaluronic acid and are here to explain the best hyaluronic acid for lips and how to get those plump looking lips that everyone’s on the hunt for!

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The ultimate no-needle hyaluronic acid lip plumper

Would you like to expand your range of beauty treatments to include lip fillers, but don’t want to have to deal with needles? Perhaps your customers want a hyaluronic acid lip plumper treatment without the downtime associated with the healing process following an injection. There are many great reasons to introduce HyaPenPro, the unique hyaluronic acid lip plumper from Louise Walsh International, into your range of treatments.

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