Naturally enhanced lips, without needles

Rebecca has always loved the look of naturally full, plump lips. She has always wanted to invest in lip fillers to help boost her confidence, whilst giving her natural-looking fuller lips, but a fear of needles has stood in her way. This is why Rebecca chose the innovative, no-needle HyaPenPro lip filler treatment.

The no-needle alternative to lip fillers

Rebecca has wanted to have lip fillers for a number of years, to help boost her confidence and give her the full and plump lips she loves. Unfortunately, Rebecca has a terrible fear of needles. That is where HyaPenPro comes in.

HyaPenPro is the no-needle alternative to traditional injectable lip-fillers. Not only does HyaPenPro deliver a no-needle alternative to injectable lip-fillers; but the device is also designed to create symmetry, augmentation, enhancement, contouring and truly natural-looking results – not the severe, inflated and artificial looks that often comes with injectable fillers.

Pain free with minimum bruising and swelling

HyaPenPro safely delivers hyaluronic acid lip fillers into the dermal layers of the skin. The needle-free application technique results in less swelling, less bruising and less downtime. Rebecca was delighted to see that with HyaPenPro the results are much more accurate and natural-looking than compared to injectable fillers, even straight after the treatment!

“Prior to the treatment, I did lots of research into the best lip filler treatments. The one thing that really struck me about the HyaPenPro lip filler treatment is that the hyaluronic acid filler settled within days, not weeks unlike injectable lip fillers, and there is no discomfort, bruising or swelling”, says Rebecca. “Plus, the fact that the filler is made up of something the body naturally creates, like hyaluronic acid, is even better – this way I know I won’t end up having a reaction to the ingredients”.

Variable pressure settings for uniform delivery

Due to the nature of the HyaPenPro’s 5 variable pressure settings, the HyaPenPro technician was able to administer the hyaluronic filler uniformly, with completely predictable results. The uniformity in depth, precision and control gave Rebecca the results she absolutely loves! Whilst the microscopic <0.1mm entry-point is twice as small as injectables eliminating the unnecessary need for pain, swelling, bruising and social downtime.

Regular treatments with HyaPenPro

“One of my biggest fears with lip fillers was that I would be left with lips that are lumpy and uneven, but I would still have to wait another few months for further treatment. With traditional injectable lip fillers most practitioners will only offer treatments every 6 months, even if your lips have gone uneven in the meantime due to the nature of the filler,” states Rebecca. “This is why I loved the idea behind HyaPenPro. You get a really even, natural-looking result with no lumps or bumps, and you can have refills as soon as 4 weeks after your first procedure to achieve your desired look.”

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