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LWI has dovetailed its German manufacturing and industry pedigree to develop what’s now recognised as the #1 no-needle dermal filler device and roll out the world’s most comprehensive digital training and support programme.

CE Marking to indicate HyaPenPro's conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.
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A fully digital online training academy is available for remote access learning programmes
HyaPenPro currently has over 400 qualified technicians around the UK and Europe
Our market leading device is manufactured in Germany and is CE certified
18 academies (including our US HQ & pop-up venues & masterclasses)
HyaPenPro currently has over 500 qualified technicians around the United States
Our market leading pen is the only FDA registered device on the market
11 academies (including our US HQ & pop-up venues & masterclasses)
HyaPenPro currently has over 350 qualified technicians around the rest of the world
We have a rapid roll-out strategy for new distributors in 2020

Countries Served
Treatments in 2020
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Stainless-steel, ergonomic, spring and piston device which safely distributes product, via high-pressure atomization and without needles
Exclusive 0.01ml actuations allow technicians to quickly, accurately yet gently push nanoscale molecules into the skins dermal layer
5 variable pressure settings enable practitioners to distribute product uniformly with complete predictability of depth, confidence, precision and control
The microscopic, <0.1mm entry-point is twice as small as that left by injectables and there’s no social downtime
Product settles within days (not weeks) with little-to-no discomfort, bruising, swelling, bleeding or risk
Made in Germany, CE and FDA Registered by Louise Walsh International - a global beauty leader for 30 years

Clare, Aesthetician

“I did my research and am so glad I bought HyaPenPro – incredible product, fantastic training & amazing results!”

Eloise, Beautician

“Adding this to my treatment list has made a huge difference to my turnover, my clients just love it”


No. HyaPenPro is virtually pain-free with little or no swelling, bruising, bleeding or social downtime. No anaesthetic is required.

By de-risking and eliminating the negatives of injectables by design and not working subcutaneously then, in most territories, HyaPenPro is approved for non-medics.

Risks are automatically negated and there are very few contraindications or side-effects. It’s impossible to have an allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid.

Our device and technique is designed to create symmetry, augmentation, enhancement, contouring and natural looking outcomes – not a severe, inflated or artificial look.

This is practically impossible with our super-uniform dermal filler distribution which is introduced through a microscopic hole and settles in days (not weeks).

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About Louise Walsh

With a 4 decade career as a prominent leader in SPMU, Louise Walsh is an internationally acclaimed celebrity aesthetician and beauty entrepreneur. Alongside her worldwide #1 Plasma Pen devices, Louise Walsh International is a trusted manufacturer and global brand with the established credibility, support and infrastructure to assure you of return on your investment.

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